Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Safe Secure and Fully Furnished Paying Guest Accommodation for Women in New Delhi

Did your parents like several other Indian parents have worrisome thoughts about sending you to Delhi for work or for studies? We as Delhi residents and a thriving paying guest accommodation provider in Delhi we would not be surprised at this common perception.

Delhi with its data on crime against women is a story known to all, from the famous Nirbhaya case that saddened every parent in the world to the several other non-populous cases that take place in the streets of not just Delhi alone, but all over India are highly concerning.

A nation that addresses its land as Mother, and where the majority of the population worship deities that are symbolic of women’s empowerment. We still lie in the crippling shackles of shameful sexism and misogyny that takes the shape of heinous crimes against the stronger half of the population.

Imagine being new to city where going out after dark is a risky affair. Having a male companion at a public place leaves you susceptible to harsh moral schooling of those that know no morality. It may seem to girls around the country, that the capital of the country hates its girls.

But that is not true. We are girls’ PG near Okhla and we know that the definition of freedom for all the citizens of the country, regardless of their gender should be the same. If you are looking for a safe and secure place to sleep and call home for your new found, independent life in this city. Then our PG for girls in Govindpuri Kalkaji, is the place you seek.

We offer both long-term and short term stays for our paying guests here. Most of the guests stay in term basis here which is the recommended system of stay. As it is cost effective for both purposes – accommodation as well as food. Come to Delhi, without any worries as there are several safe girls paying guest accommodations here, equipped to meet all your needs.

India is a diverse country and people from all over the land often need to come to the capital city. We understand and are prepared to offer flexible services for a memorable stay experience for our guests. Ours is a PG in Kalkaji you can trust. With the winter season here, we hope to offer our paying guests with all the amenities necessary for a comfortable stay at our PG in Govindpuri.

Delhi is a beautiful, modern and progressive city with warm and welcoming people. It is not what is projected through news reports and other popular hypes. You may find the capital and the second most populated city in the country to be a little too crowded, but there is another side to this rushing crowd. Delhiites are a bunch of vivacious people. They have immense love for life, what many perceive as pomp is actually the love for life that Delhi dwellers have which translates in everything that they do.